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Contact us to setup a consultation appointment when you are in the process of buying land.  Some subdivisions are limiting builders so if you buy in a particular subdivision your only choice may be to use a specified builder.

If you have already purchased your land, there are builder restrictions in your subdvision, and you would like an ICF home, talk with your builder about the option of sub-contracting with us to build the ICF walls and then your builder can complete your home.

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13Carter Construction is the premier ICF contractor for the North Central Florida area. 

If you are looking for a home that will be long lasting, safe for you and your family and beautiful then we would love to talk with you.  Not sure how ICF can benefit you and if the cost is worth it?  Click here to learn more.

Each and every client is important to us from start to finish.  When you meet with one of the Carters, you are meeting directly with your builder.  From the initial idea to selecting the right tile for your kitchen, to the finished product, we are with you every step of the way.


What’s involved in building a custom home?  How do I get started?

Before you get started there are a few things to consider:
•    Define what a custom home means to you - there is a difference between a custom home and a spec home (see below)
•    Define what you are willing to spend for your home
•    Understand that you will and should have input in the process
•    Understand that budget and design go hand-in-hand
•    Does your subdivision require you to only use a specified builder?

Carter Construction provides individual services to each client that only a true Custom Home Builder can. Throughout the building process you will meet with all the principals at different stages from initial planning to move in day.

Spec Homes are based on standard floor plans that the builder already has drawn up. You pick the plan you want and it comes with the certain already specificed options.  If you upgrade from their standard specifications, then additional costs incur. 

Custom Homes are completely unqiue to you.  You might bring in several floor plans you like and we can pull some ideas from 1 plan, other ideas from another or you may just give us a list of everything you are wanting (i.e. - large kitchen, dining room that seats up to 12, living, den, etc.). Then we take all of that and concept a plan that is UNIQUE to your home.  The second aspect is what goes in the home -- with a custom home you have tons of options on flooring, counters, etc.  We assist you in making all of those choices.

building processHow We Build Your Home

Carter Construction assists in all phases beginning with the design phase, meeting with clients throughout the design process to assure the design is consistent with their vision and also is within their budget.  Every effort is made to help clients make choices that ensure green upgrades improve them while not compromising the comfort level and aesthetic appeal of the homes.  From beginning to end Carter Construction provides individual and unique services to each client.


Our general design build process is as follows:

SELECT YOUR HOME SITE.  Before you buy, give us a call.  There may be certain restrictions in the area that you are considering.  We can help you with the selection process.

INITIAL CONSULTATION.  We meet with you so we can get to know each other, find out your goals, budget.  It is important for you, as the home-owner to find out if we are a good match for you because we will be working very closely together for several months.  We invite you to bring floor plan ideas, pictures and anything that will help us get a good idea of what you are looking for in your home.

TALK WITH THE DESIGNER.  You will have an opportunity to meet with our designer to further discuss your ideas. There is not a cost for this meeting. When you are ready to move forward, we will sign a contract to start developing your house plan and collect a deposit at that time for the plan development.  The only numbers this contract has is the cost to develop the plans.

CONCEPT PLAN DEVELOPMENT. This is a general idea or basic footprint of the house and something we can begin to “play” with to get exactly the layout you desire.  If you are having trouble visualizing the layout of your house and how it will feel, we can help you obtain a 3D walk through of your plan.

pullquoteESTIMATING.  Once a concept plan is in place then we move into estimating and preliminary pricing establishing a budget for appliances, flooring, doors, windows.  We gather all information and give you allowances that will work for your budget.

FINAL PLAN DEVELOPMENT.  Once everything has been estimated we develop a final floor plan. There may still be some back and forth at this point to fine tune the details.

FINAL CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT.  Once the plan is approved, we write up a full-blown contract with ALL of the details discussed throughout the planning process.

BEGIN THE BUILD OF THE EXTERIOR FRAME.  After the contract is signed, we get to work.

THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS OF THE BUILD Carter Construction meets with clients throughout the design process to assure the design is consistent with their vision but also is within their budget.

INTERIOR. Susan meets with each client to discuss interior details and choices. Every effort is made to help clients make choices that ensure green upgrades don’t compromise the comfort level and aesthetic appeal of the homes but actually improve them.

WALK-THROUGH. We walk through the house with you, identifying anything that needs finishing up, or fixing.

HAND OVER THE KEYS. After all is said and done, everything is to your satisfaction, we hand over the keys to your beautiful new home.


Features of the home we build for you:

We are proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Our ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are independently verified by a third-party Home Energy Rater to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency guidelines. These homes are better for the environment and better for you. Learn more about ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes at

Durable and composed of non-cellulose materials, ICF has an insulation level more than double that of conventional frame construction. ICF construction also provides enhanced strength that withstands high winds, water intrusion, and air borne debris damage. It also reduces sound transmission, has a Class A fire rating, improved indoor air quality and durability. LEARN MORE ABOUT ICF AND WHY IT’S THE BEST WAY TO BUILD YOUR HOME.
The air hair handler and ductwork are located in conditioned space to provide greater operating efficiency, minimize impact of duct leakage, and provide greater comfort. This balanced with a high efficiency (up to SEER 18) two speed compressor, which operates 75 percent of the time at low speed for normal cooling requirements and 25 percent of the time at high speed for more demanding conditions.
A foam insulation which is sprayed into walls floors and ceilings. Sprayed on as a liquid, it expands in seconds to create a superior insulation and air barrier. Icynene is the only insulation product certified by the Envirodesic program for maximizing indoor air quality. It is recommended for individuals who are chemically sensitive. It contains no formaldehyde and does not emit any detectable emissions .It uses no HCfcs which are common in other foams and are harmful to the environment. By controlling air leakage your home will perform 30 %- 50% better than with traditional insulation methods.
Double-paned, low e-coated ENERGY STAR windows improve comfort and decrease energy costs by reducing the amount of outside heat that passes through the windows.
ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light bulbs and lighting fixtures produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs while consuming 50 to 80 percent less energy.
A Takagi hot water system provides hot water on demand eliminating the need and space required for hot water storage.
A centralized duct plenum can be designed into the roof trusses to house second floor ducts in conditioned space without compromising ceiling height. This plenum allows for centralized and shorter duct runs.
Provides durable, lead free corrosion resistant water distribution. Benefits of this system include: faster hot water delivery, minimized number of fittings, reduced water and energy waste, centralized shut-off valve location, quiet operation, dedicated distribution, color coded hot and cold water supplies.
A termite barrier that prevents termite intrusion without using chemicals harmful to the environment.  Borate treated wood is a green alternative to traditional chromated copper arsenate treated wood, which can leak arsenic into the ground. These choices help ensure the homes remain termite and rot-free.
Trusses treated with borate instead of your typical chemicals which are harmful to the environment.
• Steel Interior Framing
• Water Conserving plumbing fixtures
• Low VOC paints
• Central Vac
• Formaldehyde –free insulation
• Non-textile flooring
• Mastic sealed ductwork

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