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Contact us to setup a consultation appointment when you are in the process of buying land.  Some subdivisions are limiting builders so if you buy in a particular subdivision your only choice may be to use a specified builder.

If you have already purchased your land, there are builder restrictions in your subdvision, and you would like an ICF home, talk with your builder about the option of sub-contracting with us to build the ICF walls and then your builder can complete your home.

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Our History

For five generations Ira Judson Carters have been leaving their mark on North Central Florida. In fact the family line goes back so far that there used to be a Levy County community called Judson that slowly disbursed when the railroad chose not to stop there.  Ira Judson Carter IV has been etching his mark in Alachua County as a builder of homes since 1981 and the first builder in the City of Gainesville to receive a green building permit. Following the footsteps of a Levy county farmer, a businessman and Newberry Judge, an Alachua County Judge and state legislator is not’t easy. But those that know Carter say he is indeed up to the task.

The principals of Carter Construction are: Ira (Juddy) Carter, a State Certified General Contractor. Jud Carter a Certified Contractor that specializes in ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction. Susan Carter who works along with staff from the beginning concept to the last final detail assisting clients with design and decorating details. Jennifer Rafferty-Carter who oversees all current operations.

Most builders in the market, have someone in between, whether it be a marketing or sales person....Carter Construction does not. When you speak with Carter Construction you are speaking with one of the principles.  You will have an opportunity to meet with each of the Carters through the different home building phases.  

Carter Construction also works closely with the University of Florida, finding non-toxic and earth friendly materials . We use the most sustainable and renewable building products available.

ICF & Green Building at it's Finest

Carter Construction is a family owned business that has been building custom homes, additions, green renovations and doing interior remodeling since 1981. At a time when energy is costing more and indoor air quality is a great concern, we are building homes that meet what homeowners are requesting.

Most people building green today are doing it themselves, which limits their ability to design and build a truly beautiful, comfortable home.  There is every reason a green home can be just as luxurious as a standard custom home.  Here at Carter Construction, we make it all possible and are leading the way, finding or designing products that are non-toxic and made with earth friendly materials, combining the eco-home with enduring quality construction. We offer certified green homes that earn their designation through energy efficiency, site planning, healthy materials, durability, sustainability and other green practices and still be luxurious at the same time. We build homes of all sizes and in many geographical locations, using Insulated concrete forms (ICF). 

For the Carters, the idea of a luxury green home is to make your dreams come true in a plan that meets your budget, lasts a lifetime and helps the environment.

Our full range of services include Custom Home Building with ICF Construction, ICF Installation, ICF Consulting, Metal Building, Barns, and Safe Rooms.

Please contact us today for more information and to get started on your new dream home, safe room or renovation!


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We are excited that you are considering building a new home and would love to talk with you about your plans.  Please contact us directly at the phone number listed below or use the form and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

carter construction of gainesvilleCarter Construction of Gainesville, Inc.
2458 NW 15th Place
Gainesville, Florida 32605
Phone: (352) 377-5682

Serving Florida: Gainesville, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Daytona

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Carter Construction of Gainesville, Inc.
Phone: (352) 377-5682
Gainesville, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Daytona